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Basic Baseball Hitting Tee Drills

Baseball Tee Drills Instruction with Chad Moeller


So I got a tip for you. Maybe some of you out there have trouble dropping your hands, maybe even upper cutting at the ball. I got a basic baseball tee drills that’ll help you out. It takes place off a tee. What I want to do is start with a high tee. When I have the ball up high, an uppercut’s not going to work. You can do this drill repeatedly. But what it’s going to force you to do is stay on top of the ball, here. You have a problem dropping your hands and trying to swing this way, you can see I’m going to have trouble getting on top of this ball.

What you want to do, put the tee up high and work on hitting line drives of ground balls. From this point, I want to come down on the ball. It’s going to drill your back leg working. It’s going to work on your hands staying above the ball. This is going to need to happen over and over for you to get used to not doing this. But we want to stay up top and come down. I think that will help you.

Do this drill a lot. Remember, hitting’s muscle memory. The more often you can do it, the more you’ll get used to it. We can get rid of that dropping of the hands or that uppercut. So get in a good stance and work down over the top of the ball. So use this high tee drill to help get rid of an uppercut or dropping the hands. It will help you out immensely. It helped me. Use this drill and have a great game.


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It’s Baseball Season!

“People ask me what I do in the winter when there is no baseball. I’ll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring.” Rogers Hornsby

Rogers Hornsby was possibly the greatest shortstop to ever play the game of baseball.  Look up his statistics and you will be amazed.  A .358 career batting average, 301 homeruns, 2,930 hits while manning the second most demanding position on the field behind the catcher.

Hornsby quote from above reminds us how important baseball is.  For those of you living in California or Arizona will state that you can play all year round and never take a break but for those who see snowfall during the winter, spring represents that new life where baseball can be played once again.


Well, summer is around the corner.  Hope will spread across these fifty states and t shirts and ball caps will once again be donned.
Baseball is one of those weird sports where you can feel it in the air.  You can see it on the grass when the green blades sprout from their winter hibernation and lawns need to be mowed once again.  Water is needed on the dirt and those puddles of rain have disappeared.

The countdown from the last out of the World Series has now reached zero and it is time to settle in for another summer.

For those baseball fanatics out there – you know this feeling.  A feeling where all is right in the world when you can look forward to a game tonight at seven o’clock.  You know that sometime during the week that there will be a day game that will be on when you get off school or skip work.

You know that Saturday’s might be filled with a day at the park followed by pizza and a game at home.

The disconnected winter is over.  We do not need to look out the window and wait.  Hope has returned with grass.  Uniforms are clean and new and waiting to get dirty.  Lawn chairs are pulled out of the garage and blankets are thrown into the back of the car.

Summer is here – Baseball is back – life is good.

Mr. Hornsby – I hope you are happy up there.

The Layers of a Ballplayer

Layers of a BaseballAuthor Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote “I cannot remember the books I’ve read any more than the meals I have eaten; even so, they have made me.”

As we go through our lives, we undoubtedly forget what brought us to the point we are now.  In the case of a ballplayer, we often forget how we have gotten to a certain place in our career.  We focus on the present situation, present game or at bat.

But if we start to uncover the layers of a ballplayer, we will realize that so much of makes up a successful ballplayer is enveloped in the step by step progression up the baseball ladder.

My mother always told me that each step in your life is crucial and it is important not to skip any of the steps.  You might not remember the steps but it seems that the steps remember you.

If you asked Derek Jeter how many groundballs he has taken in his career – he would have no idea.

If you asked how many soft toss swings that Freddie Freeman has taken – he would have no idea.

If you asked how many times Randy Johnson has played a simple game of catch in his life – he would have no idea.

But guess what? Each swing, ground ball and throw was an important building block in their career.

If you asked any major league ballplayer how many times they have talked to a coach about baseball strategy, the numbers would involve commas.

If you asked how many signs a hitter has received from a third base coach in his career –he would have no idea.

If you asked how times a relief pitcher has warmed up in a game – he would have no idea.

But guess what?  Each conversation, sign, or warmup was an important building block to their career.

The more you are around the game, the more you learn.

The more you talk the game, watch the game, the more you learn.

The measurement is invaluable.

Be around the game as much as you can.  Watch it, study it, and talk about it.  

As Emerson hinted at, you might not remember them, but they will have made you.


The Objective of Life is to Play

Team Dinger Youth BaseballFamed English author, journalist and essayist G.K. Chesterton wrote that “the true object of human life is play.”  Apparently, the mysterious creators of baseball Abner Doubleday or Alexander Cartwright must have read this quote as they implemented “Play Ball” into our society.

Baseball is the timeless game where grown men get dirty like young boys in the dirt.  Where grown men celebrate like children on Christmas day. Where senior citizen age managers still squeeze into a uniform 162 times a year and every once in a while kick dirt onto an umpire’s shoes for making a bad call.

The game of baseball is about play.

Almost every position on the field needs the adjective “play” just to sound correct.

For example, “I play shortstop.”

“Go play centerfield.”

“You are playing right field next inning.”

Apparently, this is why this game will never go out of style.  It taps into our inner being of what our purpose in life is.  Playing in Chesterton’s opinion is the “true object of our life”.

Concentrated playing for a period of time is not only fun, but essential.  When you see young people seriously playing a game at any level and succeeding while having fun; I don’t know if there is anything better on this planet.

When you see real smiles spread across faces while competing at their absolute playing best.  You know you are seeing something special and you realize that this GK Chesterton might have been on to something when he wrote those words.


Ordinary People do Extraordinary Things

largeReverend Bob Richards, the second man to ever pole vault 15 feet stated that “every day ordinary people do extraordinary things. That is why the Lord made so many of us ordinary.”

This statement might be shocking to hear but upon further inspection, this statement is absolutely inspiring.  All people question their own ability and sometimes become quite frustrated that they cannot do certain things.

We all have faults and we all have limitations, but often, we let our limitations hinder us to the point where we feel we can never accomplish greatness.

We look to our left and right and see our teammates or classmates with superior skills and we hope and sometimes pray that we could have their characteristics or ability. 

But the fact of the matter is that we have everything we need.  We are ordinary and that is all we need to be extraordinary.  We just need to take our ordinary talents and use them in extraordinary ways or with extraordinary care.

By doing the ordinary with extreme determination we are well on our way to an extraordinary feat.

By practicing the ordinary fundamental with extreme attention, we are training our body to do the extraordinary.

We have everything we need – we just need to take our talents and harness them to a point where we can do extraordinary things.

I am glad to be ordinary because if I do a little extra, I can become extraordinary.



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