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Jared Flood

Meet Jared Flood, Chad Moeller Baseball’s Featured Player for November 2012

Meet Jared Flood, CMB's Featured Player for November 2012


NAME : Jared Flood

AGE: 9

HEIGHT: 4’2″

WEIGHT: 75 lbs

HOMETOWN: Chandler, AZ



  • Rough Riders Farm AA
  • Rough Riders Minor AA

POSITIONS: Catcher, 2nd base, Outfield and Pitcher

SCHOOL: Athlos Traditional Academy

FAVORITE MLB PLAYER: Miguel Montero, he is an awesome catcher

BASEBALL GOALS: To become a real baseball player

WHAT I’VE LEARNED FROM CHAD: “Chad has helped me love baseball again”

A note from mom
Prior to your clinics John and I had been noticing somewhat of a burn-out or anxiety when it came to him playing baseball. He wanted to do well but since hadn’t been taught proper technique, his confidence in his ability was beginning to wither away. With the Chad Moeller clinics and the one on one instruction and guidance that you gave (and give) to him has ignited that flame for him again. He has become the best catcher on his team, is a reliable “on base” hitter and his spunk and passion for baseball is contagious.


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