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5 Steps to Throw a Baseball with Accuracy

Baseball Throwing Technique

Best Baseball Throwing Motions

Throwing a baseball can be seen as the easiest yet sometimes most difficult aspect of the game.  Often times, a kid can pick up a ball and throw it to any spot they want.  But sometimes the action of throwing a ball accurately and with velocity can seem impossible.  Below is a list of simple techniques to help remind the player of the fundamentals of throwing a baseball.

Baseball Throwing Mechanics/Techniques:

  1.  A ball should always be thrown with a four seam fastball grip.  Basically this means that your fingers and hand should go across the four seams of a baseball.  This allows for a straighter backspin motion of the ball.
  2. When getting into the throwing position, the ball should face away from the head and body.  Your index and middle finger should be closer to your head than the ball.  Often this is stated as making a peace sign or a cobra.  Many young players will grip the ball like a claw.  This might seem comfortable but it will actually put the arm in a difficult position to throw accurately and will put extra strain on the arm.
  3. Point the glove at the target and keep your feet in a parallel position towards your target.  Keep your elbow high while you throw.
  4. Release the ball in front of the body.  Keep a loose grip on the ball the entire time.
  5. Finish your throw each time.  Follow through – Follow through – Follow through.

Hopefully these techniques will help you throw the ball more accurately.

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