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Baseball Hitting or Batting with Two Strikes

Hitting with 2 Strikes

Hitting with two strikes is what separates the truly great hitters form the rest of us.

Many coaches teach to choke up or widen your stance with two strikes.  Both of these techniques can be effective.  I tried them both and used them both at different times.  But I would argue that physical changes at the plate with two strikes on the hitter are less important than mental changes.

A two-strike approach should involve mental change more than a physical change.  In my opinion, you should already use a short compact swing, have plate coverage, be in a balanced stance and swing a bat that you can handle.

The change should be what you are looking for and forcing yourself to see the ball longer and deeper.

With two strikes we can’t be afraid to get jammed.

In most cases the pitcher will want to throw the pitch away whether it is a fastball or off-speed.  The majority of pitches with two strikes will be away.  That is my argument with choking up with two strikes.  If the pitch is most likely going to be away, why do I want to use a shorter bat to reach it?

Like I said at the beginning, I choked up with two strikes at different times but that normally had to do with how the bat felt to me and less to do with the count.  The two-strike approach should be a mental adjustment more than physical adjustment.

Remind yourself to see the ball longer and make sure you have recognized to pitch before swinging.  If you can barrel an inside pitch with two strikes you probably are not waiting long enough to recognize the pitch leaving you more vulnerable to off speed pitches and fastballs down and away.

Don’t be afraid to get jammed with two strikes and fight!  Find a way to get that ball in play.

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