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Baseball The Perfect Game

The Perfect Game:

Baseball has been called “America’s pastime”.  It has been called the “grand old game.”

These statements are true but another word for baseball might be “the perfect game.”

From the beginning of this grand game invented by Mr. Doubleday, little has changed.  Sometimes, people just get it right and perfection stands the test of time.

Ninety foot bases

Sixty feet six inches from the home plate to the pitcher’s mound

Nine players on the field

From the beginning of this perfect game certain certainties have remained the same.  If a hitter hits a groundball to the shortstop and the shortstop fields it cleanly and throws it to first base then the runner, no matter how fast will be out by one step.

Great players from the early 20th century would still be good today and great players from today would still be great in the past.

Baseball in its perfection stands the test of time.  Basketball and football have undergone numerous changes and the stars from the past would fail in comparison to today’s stars.

Change is only necessary when change is necessary and baseball has never needed to change.

So what can we learn from this? There is one way to play this great game and that is the right way.

Practice the fundamentals, execute the fundamentals, listen and watch great players and their swings.  Watch the way the game is played and you will realize that there is a right way to do everything on a baseball field.

Play this game hard and with joy.  Celebrate the good and remember, mistakes will occur for every player.  Understand that you are playing a game that many have played before and those same players have dealt with the same issues.

The baseball swing – virtually unchanged over the past hundred years.

The pitching motion – small variations have occurred – has remained the same.

Running the bases – virtually has remained the same

Fielding ground balls and catching fly balls have virtually remained the same.

Throwing a baseball has remained the same.

There is no reason to reinvent the wheel.  This game is perfect! Play it the right way – with joy and hustle.  Be a part of the tradition!

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