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Be on Time and Be Prepared

Old Baseball, Glove, and Bat on FieldThe tenet above has been stated for generations and generations.  Schoolteachers, mothers, bosses, coaches and every leader has uttered these words with the hope that the pupils that were listening would take this phrase and implement it into their lives.

The phrase is so simple yet so profound.  Be on time and be prepared and anything can be accomplished.

The game of baseball has not only implemented this phrase. It is woven into the very fragrant of its beautiful web that continues to be evolved every day.

Baseball is an everyday sport.  We play this game every day and every day we have to be on time and be prepared.

Coach says “be here at 10 with your cleats on” and you are there at 10 with your cleats on.

Coach says “game starts at 11” and at 11 the umpire will always bellow “play ball” and the first pitch is thrown and everyone is prepared.

A hitter needs to be prepared for every at bat as he digs into the box and needs to be on time with his load and be on time with getting his foot down and be on time with his bat coming through the zone in order for contact to be made.

A fielder needs to be on time with his pre-pitch set up in order to properly move quickly with his first step to make the play in the hole.

A pitcher needs to be prepared to throw a pitch in a certain situation and be on time with his windup, drive leg and plant food for the ball to be released at just the right time.

An umpire needs to be prepared and be on time to make the right call on a close play at 3rd base.

And possibly most important, a parent needs to be prepared for all things that come with being a parent of a ballplayer which includes an ability to listen and encourage when the time is right.  And most important have your kid there on time and be on time to pick him up after practice.

The amount of life lesson that this game teaches is mindboggling.  Add be prepared and be on time to the list and I hope you never forget its importance so when you show up one day for that big job interview you can show everyone that you are on time and prepared for the job.




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