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Being a Good Teammate

Being a good teammate

In the history of athletics and team play, one single title every athlete should strive for is the title of being a good teammate.
Be tough to play against and be easy to play with. But how does one become a good teammate?

First off, always put your team’s performance before your own accomplishments. Care for your teammates! Give your teammates all of yourself. Help your teammates when help is needed. Pick up your teammates when they need to be picked up. Help them emotionally when they need a lift. Be a friend! These traits seem simple, but yet they are rare and they are special.
Secondly, hold your teammates accountable. Understand that for your team to be successful, everyone needs to give to the team. Everyone needs to pull from the same rope. So if players are slacking off and they need to be reminded to work hard, then remind them. But remember, you need to hold yourself accountable so you need to work hard and let your teammates know you are pulling from the same rope.

Thirdly, play for your teammates. Play for them and the benefit of the team. It is so much easier to give your best effort when you are giving to another. When we play this game selfishly, it becomes almost impossible to succeed. You need to play for the brother, friend sitting next to you. Run hard for them, do drills for them, come through in the clutch for them.
By giving yourself fully to the team, the negative thoughts go away and the joy comes back. For some reason, our personal performance will improve. When you are struggling individually, cheer for another wholeheartedly; help another with all your effort and suddenly your own struggle will disappear.

Ask people who have played this game for a while and they will say that the best part of the game is and always will be the teammates that you had. The guys you had the chance to play alongside.
If you strive for one thing in this game – it should always start with – Be a great teammate!
Being a great teammate does not take skill or talent – it just takes effort.
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