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Being Coachable in Baseball or Softball

Being Coachable,

Baseball can be a very humbling game.  It is a game filled with failure.  Any player who plays this game realizes that to be a successful hitter, one will get out seven out of ten times.  A fielder will make errors and a pitcher might throw a great pitch and still not get the results they want.

But one of the greatest parts of the game comes with coaches.  Most coaches realize how tough this game is and how much of a grind playing the game can be, even for the best.

As a player, you NEED to be coachable.  A player needs to yearn for the advice of a coach.  When a coach makes a correction or a change, a player needs to listen, even if the player does not completely agree with the instruction. A player needs to understand that the coach probably has been through the same situation in their career and can help.

Most importantly, LISTEN with attentive ears, open heart and accept the instruction.  A correction is not an indictment on your talents.  The coach is not making a correction to hurt you as player, but instead to help you succeed.  Listen! Take it in! Think about it fully and try and understand where the coach is coming from.

Secondly, ask questions about the instruction.  If a portion of the advice is confusing then ask why or how.

Thirdly, work on it!  Results might not come quickly or immediately and often, they will take time.  A player needs to have the patience to accept immediate failure in the grand plan that if they stick to it then success will come.

Be coachable!  This game is too difficult to try and do it on your own.  When a player is the midst of a slump or hard time, sometimes they can’t get out of their own way.  A coach can see with different eyes and a different heart.

After listening, asking questions, working on it and implementing the correction, then try and simplify and make the adjustments on your own.  If a coach knows that their player is coachable, then positive motivation will come and the coach will continue to fight and work for you as a player.

If a player is too resistant then the coach will be hesitant about offering advice and the player will continue to struggle.

Listen! Ask Questions! Work on it! Simplify! And eventually you will be able to make your own adjustments.

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