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Catcher Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the catcher are almost endless and I will try to cover some of them in no particular order.

1. Back up first base on every ground ball unless there is a man on second or third.

2. Give signs to the pitcher for pitch and location

3. Remind the pitcher to cover first every time a left-handed batter is up.

4. Make sure the pitcher knows whom he is throwing the ball to on second with a man on first.

5. Give direction on bunted balls where the throw should be made

6. With a runner on first on a ball bunted to the third baseman the catcher must cover third.

7.  If a runner is picked off first we must sprint to first base to help in a run down.

8. The catcher must line up the infielders for relays to home.

9. The catcher must tell the relay men to cut the ball or let it go or where the throw should be redirected.

10. Block every ball in the dirt

11. Get the most out of their pitcher every game

12. Talking to the pitcher to calm him down or slow down the tempo from the other team.

13. Making sure the pitcher has caught their breath if they just covered first.  Go talk to him briefly

14. Helping the pitcher make corrections when they struggle.

15. Encouraging the pitcher when they make a good pitch.

16. The catcher must be a psychologist on the mound. Make the pitcher believe they can do it.

17. Catch all pop ups behind home plate and some in fair territory.  Go after the ball until called off.

18. Know the umpires name and talk to him.  Find out how you can help him. 

19. Give pick off signs to the pitcher

20. Give 1st and 3rd signs to the infielders

21. Call the game for or with the pitcher

22. Leader on the field

The List continues, let me know any thoughts or additional responsibilities.

Until the next time,


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