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Game Calling

Most important– Get the most out of your pitcher on that given day

 Who is your Pitcher?

  1. Strength

              -What does your pitcher do best?

              -Don’t ask him to do something that you don’t think he can do.

  1. Weakness

              -When does he struggle?

              -When he makes mistakes what are they.

  1. Repertoire

              -What can he throw for strikes in a tight spot?

              -Is there a swing and miss pitch?

  1. Pitch count


Who is the Hitter?

  1. Strengths

                 -What type of hitter is he?

                 -What does he like to hit?

  1. Weaknesses

               -What does he struggle to hit?

               -Where are his holes?

  1. What does he want to do in this situation

              -What does the situation call for the hitter to do?

What is the situation in Game?

  1. Ahead

               -By one run, two runs or three runs

               -Can a grand slam beat you

  1. Behind
  1. Inning

                 -Don’t want to get beat inside late in the game

                 -Can take more chance early in game

Where is the Defense playing?

  1. Where do you want him to hit it
  2. Don’t call pitches against the defense
  3. What is the hitter trying to do

                 -Move the runner

  1. Man on first

                 -Wants to hit the three hole

        2.    Man on second-

                  -Wants to hit ball to the right side

         3.    Man on third

              -Trying to get ball in the air or up middle

                           -Pitching inside at this point can work, week ground ball

              -With infield in

                    -Batter wants to get ball in the air

             -With infield back

              -Batter want to hit ground ball to middle of field


These are just a few of the things that should go through the catcher’s head while calling the game.  I will continue this at later date. Remember a fastball down and away is always a good pitch.  Get the at bat over as quick as you can with the fewest pitches used. 

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