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Happy Father’s Day:

Father’s day in the United States always occurs on the third Sunday of June. The origins of Father’s Day is a little murky but it might lie in a mining origin occurring in West Virginia in 1907. But in my mind, father’s days occurs in June because of baseball.

When the days get a little longer and the sun decides to stay in the night sky a little later and allows a father and son to walk outside and “have a catch”

When an afternoon game can drift into the early evening and keep everyone company.

Somehow baseball symbolizes fatherhood.

There is no time limit on being a dad.
There is no time out on being a dad.

Being a dad occurs every day, just like baseball.  There seems to be no off days during the dog days of summer for baseball players and dad.

But for some reason, everyday ballplayers and dads find the energy to put on their uniform and lay it all out there on the field.

Baseball is timeless and being a father is timeless.

Being a dad will never go out of style and neither will the grand ole game.

There will be flaws, scratches and scars that limit the game, but like a father, we just get better with age.

So on this Father’s day, take time to remember the joy of this game and the history of this game.

If you flip on a game today, remember half of those guys who take the field are just dads trying to put in an honest day of work so they can go home and get a hug and a kiss from their kids.

Father’s Day and Baseball go hand and hand.

Enjoy the game


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