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How to Play Long Toss

9 Keys to Playing Long Toss


How to play long toss effectively to gain arm strengthPlaying loss toss can be one of the most effective ways to strengthen your arm.  Long toss occurs after you have played a good game of catch and your arm is properly loose.  Depending on your age, long toss can occur anywhere from 120 feet to 200 feet.

Keys for long toss:

  1. Use your legs.  Shuffle your feet and drive with your legs.
  2. Lengthen out your arm. Feel your arm elongating.  Do not try and throw the ball hard.
  3. Often players will actually shorten their throwing motion when trying to throw the ball long.  Allow your arm a full motion.
  4. When releasing the ball, allow your head to go to the ground and not follow the ball flight.  By not following the ball flight, you are allowing your arm to actually finish the motion.
  5. Drive through with your back leg and actually try and touch the ground with your throwing hand.
  6. Long toss does not need to occur every day – your arm will be sore.
  7. Don’t try and throw the ball hard.  Allow the ball to come off your fingertips in a fluid motion. The ball should get pretty high into the air.  We are not throwing pop ups but we are also not throwing line drives.
  8. Your arm might be sore the day after.  You have to work your arm into long toss shape.
  9. This drill will help immensely if done effectively.

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