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“Just See the Ball and Hit the Ball” ?

“Just see the Ball and Hit the Ball”?

Some one long ago made the statement and it has continued to this day “ just see the ball and hit the ball.”  If you have played this game long enough you have heard this phrase uttered to many times to count.  There are times when it is that easy, and other times when it is not so simple.  You all know what I mean.  The game of baseball, from the hitter’s perspective is based on failure.  So the question becomes how do we deal with this failure at the plate.  “Just see the ball and hit the ball?”  “Try harder?” Practice more? “See the ball and hit the ball” is definitely where it begins and like I said can be enough.  But should there be a plan in place.  For instance should there be thought of what pitch we hit well, or what is our objective with this at bat?  In one of my videos I help describe creating a plan titled “Before you Get in the Batters Box.”

My point with the statement “just see the ball and hit the ball” is this, just because we can hit the pitch should we? Just because I can put that pitch down and away in play should I?  The pitch down and away is the hardest pitch ball to hit consistently well.  So much must go right.  If hit properly may result in a single to right or left depending n which side of the plate you stand.  In most cases this pitch results in a ground ball at one of the infielders, which is exactly what the pitcher wanted to happen.  1-0 pitcher.  Another example is an off-speed pitch early in the count.  Just because I can hit it should I?   The question once again becomes do I hit this pitch well?  Do I hit fastballs better than off-speed pitches?  The answer is almost always no to this question.  So why swing at the off speed pitch until you have to.  Most pitchers do not consistently throw off-speed pitches for strikes.  I know my career would have been very different if I had learned this earlier.

Understand yourself as a hitter and realize that not every pitch must be put in play its ok to be 0-1 or be behind in the count.  The more pitches a pitcher throws the better chance there is for a mistake.  That is where the damage is done.  Mistakes not when he executes a pitch.  Yes “see the ball and hit the ball” but with a plan.  Remember just because you can hit a pitch doesn’t mean that you always should.


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