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Looking for Your Pitch

Looking for your Pitch-


            Most hitters know what pitch they hit best.  That being said most hitters know what the holes in their swing are.  The question becomes what do you do to maximize your strengths and try to hide our holes?  If you don’t know what pitch you hit best you may want to spend some time thinking about that.  If you’re still not sure ask your coach.  To find your hole, simply ask yourself what pitch do you swing and miss at most or is the hardest for you to consistently hit hard.  Most young players struggle with the pitch inside.  This is because their hands do not go direct to the ball. It really doesn’t matter what the holes are in your swing, up, down, inside or outside.  The key is knowing what your strengths are and focusing on those.  

I think for everyone that means hitting a fastball. 

I have yet to meet anyone who hits the breaking ball better than the fastball.  

If we know what we hit best and where we like the pitch why are we looking for anything else?

Why are we worried about anything else?  As a hitter we want to stick to our strengths. When we waiver at the plate in our plan it will cost us.  It does not take much doubt in your head to cause you to miss your pitch. 

The pitcher wants that doubt and needs that doubt.  Once he has it he owns you.   It’s those little thoughts that cause the hitter to miss his pitch. 

What if he comes inside?

What if he throws a breaking ball?

What if?

These doubts cause the hitter to not be ready for his pitch.  Be clear on what you are looking for and don’t change until two strikes or the next at bat. Changing during your at bat is an awful idea.  We normally ending up guessing wrong and miss our pitch when it comes.  Be clear on you plan and stick to it.


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