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Memorial Day Baseball:

Memorial Day is a Federal Holiday meant to serve as a day to remember the people who have died while serving in the country’s armed services.  It was originally called Decoration Day where we would decorate the graves of our fallen soldiers.

It is a day to remember and for many, it is a day to gather together and do what Americans do.  Watch baseball. Today there will be 15 Major League Baseball games being played.  There will be 15 Major League stadiums filled to the brim with fans.

There will 15 “God Bless America” renditions.  There will 15 “National Anthems”.  There will 15 “Take Me out to the Ballgames”.

There will be thousands upon thousands of flags that are waved with pride and joy.  There will millions of stories told from fathers to sons about their grandfathers and grandfathers before them.  There will be tears shared when we remember our past.  There will be fireworks.  There will be celebrations.

There will be 15 winning teams and 15 losing teams.

But most importantly, there will be baseball.  It is our link to the past.  Our link to a different time.  Our link to the beginnings of our family.

On this day, we thank those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom and we hope the view of a baseball field is as beautiful up there as it is down here.




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