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It comes to us when we most need it and it will fill our days and nights with familiar sounds.  It will fill the spaces in our lives when we need it most.  It will get us through the last couple of months of school.  It will get us through the hot, humid months of summer.  It will protect us as the fall begins and leaves start to tumble.

IT is baseball and Opening day is upon us.

I read an article about the Angels DH Raul Ibanez who is a 41-year-old eighteen year major leaguer getting the butterflies as Opening Day comes close.  Still getting butterflies? That is the beauty of this game.  It never gets old and it never gets tired.

If you watch and play enough baseball, you will think you have seen everything until you realize that every day presents something new.

As a youngster, this game will present so many life lessons that won’t be learned till years later.  Grown men who are old and grey are still learning the lessons that this game has taught them from years earlier.  That is the funny thing about baseball – it continues to give and give and give.  You might not understand today or even tomorrow why a certain event or action happened to you on the baseball field, but someday you will.

You might not understand why you struggle in some aspect of the game – but someday you will.

Someday – baseball’s answers might come to you and someday – baseball’s answers might still elude you.

I encourage you to sit back and watch and cheer for the greatest game in the world.  Understand that the men on the field are learning and relearning the lessons that you are learning as you play the game.  They are dealing with same failures and success that you are dealing with.

Baseball is always giving us something – the question is – are we listening and learning to what is being taught?

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