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Pre-pitch routine for an infielder or outfielder:

Generally speaking, an infielder has about twenty seconds between each pitch.  During this time, an infielder has many obligations to accomplish.  Below is a short list of reminders to make sure you get done before the next pitch.

  1. Know the outs and communicate it with another teammate.
  2. Know the count and understand what each count could mean.
    1. When the hitter is behind in the count – the hitter generally will hit the ball to the opposite field more often.
    2. When the hitter is ahead in the count – the hitter is more likely to pull the ball.
    3. Know the speed of the runner that is hitting:  this might dictate if you charge the ball or sit back on a ground ball
    4. Know the score:  This dictates the chances you might or might not take on the next play
    5. When runners are in scoring position: infielders need to communicate with their outfielders on potential cutoff plays.  Outfielders: communicate with your infield cuts.
    6. Relay any signs given from the coach.
    7. Know where the ball is going depending on where it is hit.

Go through this list in your mind and don’t be afraid to use your voice on the field.  By using your voice and communicated – you are not only helping your teammates but also helping to remind yourself of your responsibilities.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Abraham Lincoln



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