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Right left catch – Right left throw:

Defensive footwork on a baseball field often separates the winning team and losing team.  Defensive footwork on a baseball field allows players to commit less errors and record more outs.

A simple saying is the title of this entry.  Right Left catch – Right left throw.

What that phrase means is when a ground ball is hit to you or when a ball is thrown to you, you step with your right foot toward the ball then your left foot towards the ball while keeping your shoulders square.  You want to receive a groundball on your glove hand side.  Once you receive the ball step with your right foot then your left foot then throw.

Does this sound simple?  It might sound simple but it takes practice to master.  If you are reading this – stand up and go through the motion and see if makes sense to you.

Then when you play catch – repeat this phrase over and over and see if you can start to train your body and mind into following this step over and over.

When you take groundballs – repeat this phrase over and over.

What this simple technique does it keeps you moving towards your target and it eliminates extra steps that can often result in errors on the baseball field.

Watch big leaguers take groundballs and you will often see this footwork by every major leaguer.  They have mastered this technique to a point where it becomes second nature.

I wish you luck in mastering this technique.


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