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Sport Parent Code of Conduct: Part 2

BuffaloGroveParksDist_LittleLeagueSign_Facebook-420x630 This is the second review of the sport parent code of conduct that many parents have signed in order for their child to participate in little league baseball.  At Chad Moeller Baseball – we are looking at this document in a deeper reflection with the hope that we can help explain the importance of this conduct code.

The code of conduct includes 17 elements that parents must agree to before signing the document.  Number one on the list states:

“1. I will not force my child to participate in sports.”

This seemingly simple statement elicits memories and very real realizations that this is important.  We as parents need to give our children a “voice”.  We need to listen to their voice.  We can persuade and help them along the way but in the end, they need to want to do something.  I can never remember not wanting to go to the field.  In fact, the uniform would be on hours upon hours before the game.  But society has changed and more and more has been heaped upon the plate of youngsters.

A child might have three to four activities on a simple Saturday and for some – that means utopia. But for others, it might mean something different.

Your kids need to want to go to the field.  This does not mean that there will always be pure excitement but there should never be a moment where you have to drag your child to the car in order to go “PLAY”.

Angel outfielder Mike Trout said as a child that his parents never forced him to play a sport “I needed to want to play the sport.  I really needed to want to play the sport.”

Keep this simple statement in mind “I will not force my child to participate in sports.”

Keep the joy in “PLAY”.

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