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Sport Parent Code of Conduct: Part 5

This is the fifth review of the sport parent code of conduct that many parents have signed in order for their child to participate in little league baseball.  At Chad Moeller Baseball – we are looking at this document in a deeper reflection with the hope that we can help explain the importance of this conduct code.

The code of conduct includes 17 elements that parents must agree to before signing the document.  Number 8 on the list states:

“8. I will teach my child to play by the rules and to resolve conflicts without resorting to hostility or violence.”

Know the rules of league!!!!!!

Every league is different.  Some leagues might allow leading off from first base and many leagues do not allow leading off.  Every child, parent and guest must understand what the rules of the game are and abide by those rules.  These rules were not developed on a whim and for no reason.  Many times we do not understand the reason for the rules but there is almost always a reason.

This might mean that a child is called out for not abiding by a certain rule.  This might result in your child or a parent getting upset, defiant and even furious over the made call on the field.

Absolutely, the last thing we want to occur on a Saturday morning is a violent outburst to occur.  This can have life-long effects on the child.  Violence and hostility are never accepted on the field when a conflicts arise.  Conflicts will occur and how we handle them is essential.

Videos on Youtube and television shows might paint a different picture – and can influence our reaction.  Violence is never and will never be an acceptable reaction to conflict at youth sporting event.

Please – remember these simple rules.

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