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Sport Parent Code of Conduct: Part 6

little-league-baseball-team-cheering-with-their-coach-300x224This is the sixth review of the sport parent code of conduct that many parents have signed in order for their child to participate in little league baseball.  At Chad Moeller Baseball – we are looking at this document in a deeper reflection with the hope that we can help explain the importance of this conduct code.

The code of conduct includes 17 elements that parents must agree to before signing the document.  Number 9 on the list states:

“9. I will demand that my child treat other players, coaches, officials and spectators with respect regardless of race, creed, color, sex or ability.”

Many of the rules stated in the Sport Parent Code offer words like encourage and teach but rule number nine states the word “demand”.  This word takes on a different connotation and is much more firm in its definition.

Every child approaches a season with different expectations.  A parent might believe that their child will be the next Major League Baseball star and that is okay but not all parents are looking for the same result.

Some kids are participating to be a part of a group and to learn social skills that will help them in school and life.  A sporting field and a baseball field should be open to everyone.  We have seen so much progress in the world when it comes to acceptance.  The baseball field must continue this progress and not stunt its growth.

No matter color, creed, sex or ability – the baseball field needs to be a place of acceptance.

I can remember and have witnessed horrible words and actions come out of people’s mouths that go against this demand.

Never lose that importance.  We are born differently and we all should have the opportunity to succeed.

Kid’s opinions of others are almost always taught by the parent or relatives.  We have seen so many examples of amazing acceptance by kids in sporting events and that should continue to be encouraged by parents.  Sometimes we need to let our kids teach us how to be adults.

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