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“Chad has a done a tremendous job with his website. He has established a solid foundation for the mechanics of the baseball swing through his online videos.  If a parent can sit down and review the videos, they can work with their son or daughter at home on the foundation of the baseball swing.  I have incorporated the videos and private lessons with Chad for my son.  Combining the two has been great for my son’s progression.  I get the chance for my son to be taught by a true professional instructor in a private setting. I am then able to work with him at home and I get to refer to the videos for additional help.   I realize as a parent my son will not improve if he doesn’t work on his mechanics at home, away from the lesson, so having access to the videos really helps.”




I wanted to give you a little bit of an update on Lukas.  After your lessons he continued to work on your instructions and it has really changed him as a hitter.  He made the varsity team as a sophomore.  In the first nine games (pre season tournaments) he is batting .400 with six multi hit games and several walks mixed in,  He is using the entire field and has not struck out in the first nine games.
Thanks for the Help,


(Kingman, AZ)



I would like to say thank you for everything you have done for my son.  Prior to having my son start hitting with you, he was in the batting slump of his life!  My son has played with very highly competitive club teams the past few years (Top 2-3 teams in the state for his age classification).  Last summer, his scout team place 7th in the USA Baseball Tournament that featured 52 teams from the western part of the U.S.  He played the majority of the games but didn’t bat.  They needed him in the field but used a designated hitter to hit for him.  He had no confidence at the plate.  Now, he is feeling more confident than ever at the plate.  He is leading his high school team in hits and on base percentage.  You have completely changed his mind set and we are ever so grateful!  Thank you Chad Moeller.



My son, Parker, has attended Chad’s hitting and catching clinics for the past three months.  Since I coach my son’s team, I thought he might listen to someone else.  He not only listened, he thrived.  Chad and his team make baseball fun, while accepting nothing but each player’s personal best.  My son got so much out of the clinics that I recommended them to my entire team.  It is hard to find personal pitching, hitting and catching instruction for younger kids, and Chad’s clinics are outstanding.  I enjoy the clinics as well, and have picked up some great drills and coaching tips.

I would definitely recommend Chad’s clinics!


I have two boys, ages 12 and 15, who have worked with Chad this past year.  He has helped them improve their fundamentals of hitting.  They have developed great confidence in their baseball swings.
My youngest son has also worked with Chad with his catching.  His technique has improved immensely under Chad’s coaching.  I would highly recommend Chad for those seeking to improve their game to the next level.
My son Evan has a passion for baseball, but as a single mom, I’d had a difficult time develop my son’s skills.  A friend recommended Chad’s clinic, and I imagined it would be unaffordable, or a clinic that wouldn’t give Evan the individual attention I was seeking.  After our first clinic in 2011, we’re hooked.  Immediately, Evan’s confidence soared from the fundamentals he learned in just two hours. And in each clinic since, Evan has continued to learn while having fun.  Chad has a real gift for connecting with each of the kids, and does an extraordinary job of playing to each child’s strength while giving each of them the time and attention to develop their weaknesses.  Evan wouldn’t miss a clinic by choice.  He’s come away from each and every clinic he’s attended feeling positive about his growth, and with the tools and teachings well ingrained to continue to strive for better performance.  And Evan always wants to know, “when’s the next clinic, Mom?”.Best Regards,
Kami & Evan

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