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The easiest way to throw a ball where you want to

Accuracy in baseball is key.  Can we throw strikes?  Can we throw the ball on the outside corner of the strike zone at the knees of the hitter? Can we hit the first baseman in the chest with our throw from shortstop?  Can we hit our cutoff man in the chest for an accurate relay?

If we answer the questions from above with a simple “yes” then we have a chance to be successful on the baseball field and we have a chance to play this game for a long time.

But how do we do it?  What are the simple keys to throwing the ball accurately?

The list below is a checkpoint that will possible help you

  1.  Don’t grip the ball too tight – by gripping the ball too tight we flex our forearms and wrist to a point where the ball cannot operate as an extension of our arm
  2. Point to the target with your glove hand.  This might be the most important.  Point your hand or finger with your glove hand at your target.
  3. Keep your eyes on your target.  By keeping your eyes on your target then your head remains still.
  4. Step towards your target.
  5. Finish each throw with a smooth follow through.  Never stop your throwing motion.  Finish each throw.

These techniques might seem simple and there are many more complex ways to explain how to throw a ball accurately but the key to throwing a baseball should always remain simple.  It is only when we complicate this motion that fear enters our mind. It always goes back to fundamentals and fundamentals should remain simple.



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