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The expert in this game was once a beginner.

Baseball is a game where there is always something to learn.  Every game you play in or every game you watch has the possibility for discovery.

Vin Scully, the legendary broadcaster for the Los Angeles Dodgers has uttered the phrase numerous times during his career that “you never know what you will see when you watch a baseball game.”

The beauty is that we were all beginners in this game at one time and baseball will always make us feel like beginners again and again.

The learning never does stop and it never will stop.  The moment that we think we are experts in this game, it will start to humble us and send us right back to where we began.

We must stay inquisitive and realize that the next learning opportunity can come from anyone at any time.

The smartest baseball person that I have ever met is my mother who never laced up cleats.  But she watches the game with love, passion and joy.  She has the ability to provide insight in any baseball situation because she sees the game with her eyes. She has her viewpoint.

Your answers as a baseball player might not always come from coaches or professionals. They might come from anyone if we choose not to close our ears.

We are all beginners in this game.  None of us are experts.  Some of us might have more experience but experience does not always answer every question.  Experience does not always stop a slump.

As baseball players, we must never stop learning or believe that we have all the answers.  Because this game is America’s pastime allows everyone to have opinions and all of those opinions could possibly help us in our quest to improve.

I wish you the best of luck in keeping your eyes and ears open to learn from this game and everyone who loves this game.



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