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The Importance of Long Toss

** I’d written earlier this year about HOW to play Long Toss…  Now I’d like to expand on that and discuss the IMPORTANCE of playing Long Toss! Featured Player Keagan BafusA couple of days ago I was talking to a high school baseball coach about throwing and injuries that seem to be happening at an alarming rate.  Every night we turn on the MLB network to learn that another player from our fantasy baseball team has been injured and might possibly need surgery.

Coaches, scientists, doctors and writers have all weighed in on this topic and it seems like it has become more confusing especially for parents.  Hopefully this blog will not confuse you any more over this topic.

The high school baseball coach that I was talking to stated that long toss done correctly can strengthen the arm and force the individual to use proper mechanics instead of putting so much force on the arm.  If monitored and done correctly long toss might single handedly be the most effective way to preserve your arm.

This coach is in his late 30’s and can still go out and throw batting practice to a team of twenty high school kids five days a week.  He throws with amazing consistency and accuracy.  He states that as a kid he and his brother would throw long toss often when others would only throw short.

He also states that after every batting practice session that he goes on a short but firm run to as he says “Sweat the soreness out of my body.”

Parents – work with your kids on long toss – ask your coaches how to properly teach long toss.  Strengthen the arm with proper mechanics.

Hope this helps!

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