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There’s More to Life Then Baseball


“Baseball is Life” is a catchy phrase for a t-shirt or maybe even a bumper sticker, but what happens to the boys or parents who live the slogan.  As a father and former player, I understand the pressures that boys and parents face with sports.

I had a conversation recently with a D-Backs executive about this topic.  Should boys’ just play one sport or should they play multiple sports and focus on one further down the road.  I played the sport depending on the season.  Spring was for baseball, for me soccer was in the fall.  In high school I played three sports my freshman year then two my sophomore year, and focused on baseball my last two years, only because I had a coach that wouldn’t let me miss summer football practices for baseball games.

The quote from the D-Backs executive was boys in Arizona are playing too much baseball and not developing other athletic skills that come from different sports.  The other sports build the complete athlete.

MLB teams want athletes that can play the game.  The strength that comes from football, the foot quickness from basketball and running and coordination that soccer gives can all help.  Don’t feel like your son is going to fall behind because he plays basketball and is not playing baseball all the time or football or soccer.  The goal for most boys is to play in high school or college.  Don’t feel like you can’t take some time off and play another sport.

Enjoy this wonderful game.  Play this wonderful game.  But remember it is Ok to miss it and take a break.  Become a well-rounded athlete and you may enjoy this game even more.


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