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Using the Home Plate Angles to Improve your Bunting.

First, second and third base bases are all square.  But home plate is a square with a triangle.  The triangle is where we as a bunter  can find one of our greatest tool for improving our bunting ability.

The golden rule of bunting is to not bunt the ball directly back at the pitcher.  We want to bunt the ball effectively down the first or third base side.  So how do we do this?

The angle of our bat is the key. The instruction for this will be explained for a right handed batter.  If you are left handed then you simply do the opposite.

If we want to bunt the ball down the first base side then we can use the angle of the triangle closest to us to create the bat angle.  When we set up in our bunt position – set the bat angle directly above that angle.  You can check to see your angle by simply bringing down the bat and making sure it is on line with the triangle

If we want to bunt the ball down the third base side.  Simply set your angle on the triangle farthest away from you.

At first glance – this might seem like too much angle but if you trust it – you will see the bunted ball will consistently go down the first or third base side and away from the pitcher.

If this description is confusing then simply go out on a baseball field where you can see a plate and then experiment with your angles.

This is a simple guide to improve your bunting.

Until Next Time.



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