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What is a good teammate?

One of the greatest compliments a ballplayer can receive is the simple statement “he’s a good teammate.” Often overlooked by people not in the locker room, this simple statement can justify your worth as a ballplayer.

I recently asked three high school baseball coaches with a combined 35 years of coaching experience this simple question. What makes a good teammate?  Below are their responses.

A good teammate is selfless and willing to do anything for the team

A good teammate lets his actions speak for him

A good teammate leads by example when situations get tough

A good teammate is the first to praise others and leads with humility

A good teammate spreads words of praise and takes less credit and more blame

A good teammate acknowledges the unacknowledged

A good teammate protects and defends his team

A good teammate does what is right for the team even when things aren’t right for him

A good teammate always finishes the task or drill

A good teammate anticipates what is to come for his team

A good teammate is trustworthy

As they talked about what makes a good teammate – the word LEADER came up and they continued with the following

Leaders cannot be easily discouraged

Leader exude confidence and mental toughness

Leaders are the first to serve and the last to be served.

That final comment struck me and I will keep it with me.  I encourage you to take these words to heart.  Being a good teammate is an essential part to being a successful ballplayer.

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