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Accountability By Teammates:

The baseball dugout is a sacred place and the rules and regulations of a baseball dugout and a baseball team are different but similar to anywhere else in the world. 

When a player dons the uniform and enters the dugout for practice or a game, different rules apply.  But upon further inspection, these rules transfer to other parts of your life.

The word accountability becomes hugely important and holding yourself accountable and your teammates accountable.

Accountability is defined as the fact or condition of being responsible. 

When each player becomes accountable for their actions, a team is formed and the results are usually positive.

What should a player be accountable for?

  1.  Being there – on time.  Nothing can bring a team down more than when they cannot count on you being there
  2. Know the signs:  games are won and lost on signs more often than many realize.  It comes from a lack of attention.
  3. Pick up your teammates:  This game is about much more than your own statistics and accomplishments.  Get excited for your teammates.
  4. Think about your teammates:  Understand that your actions and words can positively or negatively affect their actions.
  5. Calling out teammates for lack of effort or concentration.  This is a tricky one and usually should be handled by coaches at a younger age.  But as ballplayers get older, calling out teammates becomes a part of the team.  Understand that if you do call out a teammate for a lack of hustle – you better always be hustling.  If you call out a teammate for missing a sign – you better not miss a sign.
  6. It comes down to expecting the best out of yourself and in turn, expecting the best out of your teammates.

Accountability is important in baseball, relationships, families, and life. 

I wish you the best in holding your teammates accountable

Until Next Time,



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