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Control What You Can Control


One of the old adages in baseball is to control what you can control.

  1. If you are playing baseball and signed up to play baseball, then you didn’t sign up to umpire.  So don’t try and umpireYou can’t control the umpire so it is a waste of your effort.
  2. If you are pitching and you execute the pitch in the right location that you intended and the hitter gets a hit, don’t get mad.  You cannot control the outcome.  Focus on the process, which is you did your job.
  3. If you are hitting and you get a good pitch to hit and you line out to the shortstop, don’t get mad.  You can’t control the outcome.
  4. If you are on base and you read a ball in the dirt and try and take an extra base and you get thrown out, don’t get mad.  You can’t control the outcome.  You were aggressive and made an aggressive read and that is right.


Baseball is so difficult, and so much of this game is out of our control.  We concentrate on too much that is out of our control.  A hitter is measured by “hits” which are largely uncontrollable.  Pitchers are measured by “wins” which are largelyuncontrollable.


We worry about umpires, the field, the mound, the bat, and the fans too often.  Just control what you can control.


Here is a short list of what you can control

    1. Effort
    2. Attention
    3. Attitude
    4. Preparation
    5. Support


None of the things I listed will be seen in the box score, but do these things well.  Control the things you can control and I promise the game will be enjoyed.

Until Next Time,



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