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Catchers Gear and Protective Equipment

Which Baseball Catchers Equipment is Right For You?


So catchers are the leaders on the field. Were the only ones that see the entire diamond. We stand back here. We have a view of everything. We get to give signs. A lot of people like that part of it. The other part of it is we get to wear some pretty cool baseball catchers gear. We got our chest protector, our shin guards and our mask. Often called the tools of ignorance. It’s part of what sets us apart. We’re baseball catchers. We look almost like soldiers back here. That’s part of what made me want to be a catcher. We got all this on. We look great. We look even tougher than we might really be. So lets talk about the gear.

The Shin Guards

We have one on each leg. The name kind of says a lot. They protect our shins, our knees, our ankles and our toes. Their invaluable when it comes to kneeling down and blocking balls. Be awfully painful without them. If looking for a pair, I recommend something that’s lightweight. Something that’s comfortable. But make sure that there long enough. I’ve seen a lot of catchers with shin guards that don’t go up high enough. It leaves part of there knee exposed. There here to protect you. They need to at least get to the top of the knee.

Chest Protector

The name kind of says it all. It protects our chest. Also protects our stomach, part of our neck and both of our shoulders. It should fit nice and snug. We don’t want it hanging down low. We don’t want it hanging forward. It only works if it’s fitting properly. When we drop down to block, if it’s hanging all the way down it can’t do it’s job. So make sure it’s snug. Make sure it’s fitting tight.

Catchers Mask

When it comes to a mask. There’s two different types of mask. We have the traditional two-piece mask, which is what I wore for almost my entire career, and the hockey style mask. Both work. In a lot of youth leagues, the hockey style mask is required. Their forced to wear this mask. So it makes it simple, you don’t have a choice. They give you a slightly different view. The hockey mask is closer to your face. The two-piece sits a little further away but it’s much much lighter. So make sure you check the league rules before you purchase a mask.


Always make sure the chest protector’s long enough. Always make sure your shin guards fit. And lastly, do I even need to say it? Make sure if you get behind the plate, you always have a cup on. Coaches never let a kid get behind the plate without a cup on. And as a player I mean do I really even need to explain it. Also knee savers. Not mandatory when it comes to catching gear. A lot of catchers wear them now. They are more comfortable. They can put a little more stress on other parts of your body. Just look into them. And if you do wear them, make sure their put on the bottom of the shin guards, not half way up. We don’t need to see Yogi Berra coming back. We don’t need to see catchers sitting up here again. You want to be able to sit low. You need to be able to block from there. Knee savers sometimes can get in the way. So the next time you get behind home plate, go ahead put some good looking gear on. It’s what sets us apart out there. Were catchers.

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