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Where in the Batters Box Do I Stand?

The Batters Box – Where to Stand



So we have this giant box right here. We have a giant batters box. We have home plate and our box. Where do you stand? I mean there’s a lot of space here. We get back here too far, we can’t reach home plate. We get in too close and now we’re going to get jammed on everything. So how do you choose where you stand in the box? Let me give you a few guidelines. Hope these will help you. They did for me. Cause at times I wasn’t sure where I should be in the box. I’d have coaches tell me different things. It comes down to the hitter. They want to feel comfortable and you need to feel comfortable where you’re at.

Let me give you a few guidelines. First off, let’s make sure we get to contact point. This is our contact point. We want to get to right here. Now lay the bat down. We want to make sure, once we lay that bat down, we have 2 inches of coverage. Let me show you. We’re here, boom we get to contact. When we lay that bat down we want to have 2 inches of coverage. I probably could back up off the plate a little bit from where I was just standing. That will give me a little bit more room. We don’t want to have to reach for the ball down and away. We want to be able to make a nice swing at it without a reach. That’s why we want to guide our self with that at point of contact, 2 inches off the corner.

Now where front to back? We got our distance from home plate. But do I stand at the front of the box or do I stand back here. Well let’s use Major League Baseball as an example. Almost every hitter in the Major Leagues stands at the back of the box. For me, that’s a pretty good place to start. The reason is, they want to get as far away from the pitcher as possible. They want more time. That’s right, more time to see the ball. There’s not a lot of time when the ball’s coming in, being released at 95 MPH, to see it. They want every little bit they can. So if it’s this much further that they get to see the ball, that’s this much more of an advantage for them, so most hitters find themselves in the back of the box.

Here’s the rule. Your foot can be on the line. It must be touching the line. You can have one toe on the line and you’re considered in the box. So in most cases, most hitters will find themselves at the back of the box. The distance from the plate, use this as your guide. Make sure you have 2 inches of coverage. Towards the back of the box, find a spot where you feel comfortable. Remember, if you move around the box, it’s going to change your perception of where the outside corner is. I don’t advise moving around the box a whole lot. Find a spot where you feel comfortable, so you can get used to knowing where the outside corner is. You start moving around too much, it changes that.

Now, if there is a situation where a certain team is pitching you inside, inside, inside, inside, then yes back off the plate a little bit. If every pitch is away, yes get a little closer.  But remember, when you do, your changing what your eyes know to be the outside corner. Just because the plate’s a little closer to you now, your eyes are still going to be used to the plate being further away. Just make sure you remember that. So when you get in the box the next time, find a good spot, probably towards the back. Make sure you got that plate coverage, at least 2 inches off the corner. We don’t want to have to reach for that pitch. Dig in, be comfortable, be confident and have a great game.

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Before You Get in the Batters Box

Mental Preparation Before You Get in the Batters Box

My rookie year I’m playing for the Minnesota Twins and we’re facing the great New York Yankees. Yes the great New York Yankees. I’m facing Andy Pettitte and I’m nervous. For me to have any chance to succeed, I need to be confident, I need to be focused and I need to have a plan.

So in today’s lesson we’re going to talk about what happens before we get in the batters box. Too often, at bats are won of lost before you even step in the box. If you’re not clear what you’re looking for, If you’re swinging at his pitches. We need to be clear about what we want to do. So let’s formulate a plan. First off, you need to know yourself. What do you do well? Do you like the fastball? Do you like off speed pitches? I didn’t. I liked the fastball.

So I wanted to look for the fastball in the zone that I handled well. For me that was the ball middle away. I want to look for the ball there. I want to look for something hard in that zone. I don’t want to look for what he wants to get me out with. He’s going to beat me if I swing at his pitches. I want to look for my strength. Pitchers make a lot of mistakes. Let’s capitalizes on those. So we want to look for a pitch in our zone. For me, mine was right here. I wanted to look for the ball in this area. I didn’t want to swing at these other pitches because that’s how he wanted to get me out.

So now that we know what we are looking for, we need to make sure that we’re confident. We need to be sure that once we step in this box, we are 100% certain we’re going to succeed. If you walk up here with doubt, you might as well not walk up here with the bat at all. That bats already over at that point.

We need to be confident in our brain. At bats are won or lost way to often because of confidence of lack of confidence.
There’s going to be times you’re not quite so sure of yourself, but when you step in this box you got to be clear. That takes place in the on deck circle. That takes place before you get in here. Once you get in here, we can handle one thought and we got to be focused and confident. So the next time you step in the box, be clear, have a plan, be focused and have a great game.

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