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How to Choose a Bat

Choosing a Baseball Bat With rising bat prices and hundreds of different choices – How do I choose the right bat for my son or daughter? The first and most important rule when choosing a bat is the weight and length of the bat.

  1.  Go to a sporting goods store and grab a bat.  Place the bat into your dominant hand.  If you are right handed, put the bat in your right.  Your hand should be at the edge of the bat between the handle and the knob.
  2. Lift the bat with dominant hand out in front of you and hold it for ten to twenty seconds.
  3. If the bat is too heavy and your wrist starts to hurt, then the bat is probably too heavy.
  4. Choose a bat where the weight is comfortable – bigger bats do not mean bigger results.

Secondly – What brand of baseball bat should I choose?

  1. First and foremost – The bat needs to feel comfortable.  When dealing with aluminum – I always liked bats that had a consistent weight distribution.  Many bats have a connector piece and sometimes the connector seems to give the bat a top heavy feel.
  2. I would look at bat brands that have been around for a while.  The reason that they have been around for a while is because they produce a good product.  Otherwise – they would have been extinct a long time ago.   Don’t jump on the new product too often
  3. Remember –the key to a swing is to stay through the hitting zone as long as possible.  If the barrel is too heavy and drags through the hitting zone lower than the hands then success is limited.

Thirdly:  How much should I pay?

  1.  I will never tell any parent how much to spend on their children.  Just remember – it is a bat and that is it.  My brother and I growing up rarely and I mean closer to never had a really expensive bat.
  2.  A bat that a parent can be comfortable with and a child is excited about – A happy medium.

Until Next Time Chad


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