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Burn Out in Baseball and Youth Sports

The game of baseball can be fantastic for teaching teamwork and working toward a common goal.  It can also wear down the brain because of the intense focus that is required to perform in a competitive atmosphere.

As a player, I would experience this in the middle of the season often referred to as “The dog days of August.”  Younger players are also learning this because of year round baseball.  The disappearance of seasons for certain sports is taking its toll on young player’s brains and bodies.

I have encountered many excellent ball players who are suffering from “burnout”.  They stop enjoying a game they used to absolutely love.  They want to quit not because they are not succeeding but because they start to despise it.

This is a game and must be treated as a game and enjoyed.  We must miss the game from time to time or we risk resentment.

As a player I needed my off-season to get away from the game.  Several months would pass from the end of the season before a bat was picked back up.

That does not mean that workouts for physical health and strength were neglected but time was needed away from the grind of the game.

Don’t let it happen.  Take time off from the game for a little while.  We need to miss it from time to time.  Don’t end up resenting a sport you love when a couple weeks or a month could change it.

Remember, when someone asks what position you play – you respond “I PLAY shortstop” or “I PLAY 1st base or “I play the outfield.”

The key phrase is “I play the game of baseball”.


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