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A Catchers Blocking Stance

The Throwing Blocking Stance


I remember a game at Shea stadium. Four hours and twenty-five minutes. I have no idea what the score was. My legs hurt so bad by the end of it. It’s because I spent too much of the game in my catchers throwing and blocking stance with runners on base. That stance is a little different from our comfort stance where were all the way down.

Let’s talk about that. Our comfort stance were down nice and low but when we have a runner on first, second or third base, or two strikes on the hitter, we have to be up out of this position. Here’s what it’s going to look like. My rear end is now up off my calves. My right foot is still set about instep back behind my left. We still can show a low target.

Here’s one of the differences. Our bare hand, still closed around are thumb, is behind our glove. It doesn’t need to be touching it. It just has to be on the same line. So from this position we can drop down and block a ball. From this same position we need to be ready to come out and make a throw to second. This stance is going to take a little bit more toll on your legs. So hopefully you don’t spend too much of your game in this stance.

Hopefully you have quick games so you can spend the whole time in your comfort stance. But if not, make sure you get yourself a good base, feet are spread out, continue to give a low target. Put that bare hand behind and give yourself the best chance to make a throw, to block the ball. Use this tip the next time your behind the dish.

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