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Spring Has Arrived:

181840Spring training has arrived and so has the hope for every fan that this is their year.  There is something special about baseball and spring training.  Spring symbolizes life and rebirth.  The flowers start to bloom and the grass starts to yearn for a mow.  The days get a little longer every day.  The sun starts to work a little harder to break through the clouds, almost like they are all working together to bring back baseball.

As the late baseball commissioner Bartlett Giamatti said “It comes when you need it most.” There is something special about the way a baseball field looks during the spring.  The grass is still wet and the dirt is still dark brown.

Baseball is here and it will fill our days and nights until into the summer and carry us through those hot months.  It will keep us warm when the weather turns a little colder and fall hits, and it will climax when winter arrives and will leave us yearning for the next spring.

But right now, it is spring and it is baseball season.  I hope all of you learn to love this game and all the aspects of the game as much as I do.

As Brad Pitt said playing Billy Beane in Moneyball ‘How can you not get romantic about baseball.”

I hope your year and your season is filled with hope.

Enjoy running on the field every day.  Enjoy getting those pants dirty.  Enjoy diving and sliding.  Enjoy watching grown men play a game like kids.

It is spring and it is baseball season.

Until Next Time,



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