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Video Analysis

“Thanks Chad the analysis is GREAT and will be nice to have for reference.
Christian said that he wished he could have had the chance to take a few more lessons from you, told him maybe next year if we go we can arrange to do more. Again thanks for everything he has learned a ton and it is by far the best money that we have spent on baseball!!”

James Crossman

How can  Video Analysis help?

With video analysis you can quickly optimize technique and mechanics to maximize bat speed and power of your baseball swing and reduce the risk of injury. I can use video analysis for more than hitting; allow me to improve your catching technique, receiving, blocking and throwing to bases (Pop time).


Because most baseball plays happen at an exorbitant speed, accurate analysis is difficult relying solely on the naked eye. Even if you can identify an issue, communicating your observations to others can be challenging.

Video analysis solutions allow you to:

  • View and analyze skills in slow motion.
  • Visually communicate what is happening now and how the technique can be modified.
  • Compare movement before and after or against another techniques.
  • Side by side comparison with MLB player
  • See the positives in your technique and build from those positives

What you Receive

You will receive a voice over video showing and explaining what is being done correctly and what needs to be improved.  The video you receive will be between 20 and 40 minutes in length explaining in-depth what the areas of concern are and how they will be improved.  I do all the video analysis myself.  You get instruction from someone who actually played the game at the highest level for more than a decade.  I have the practical knowledge of what it takes to stay at the top. 

Baseball was never easy for me I had to work extremely hard and learn everything from great coaches like Kevin Long the Yankees Hitting coach or Tony Pena the Yankees catching coach.   Allow me the opportunity to share my knowledge of Catching and Hitting with you through video analysis.  You will also receive a 20-minute phone conversation with me to make sure you understand everything on the video and ask questions that you may have.  

  • Voice Over Video ( 20-40 min in length)
  • 20 Minute phone conversation with me reviewing the video
  • Clear Understanding of what needs to be improved and how.



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