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Baseball Catcher Throwing Drills

Baseball Catcher Throwing Drills – The Exchange


So I’m going to guess you’ve never spent much time thinking about how to actually take a ball out of your glove. To be honest I didn’t think about it a whole lot either, until I realized that it was actually hurting my throws to second base. So I want to talk about with you right know is catcher throwing drills. The exchange is how the catcher takes the ball out of his glove. This can add or take away time. This can cause balls to drop on the ground.

Every time a ball drops on the ground we have no chance to make a throw to second base. Every time we get a bad grip, which will happen plenty, our chances of throwing a guy out at second base is even slimmer. So we want to give ourselves the best chance to succeed. So we’re in our good stance, with a man on base. From here we want to turn the glove towards us after we catch it. The glove turns towards us. We basically say hello to the ball. It turns towards us. We then can take the ball up and out as quick as possible.

Problems happen when we make the catch and we turn to the side. Now you can see how I’ve gotten ahead of my arm. The ball’s behind me and my body weight’s forward. When this happens, I get down on the side. My ball’s always going to tail. It’s going to sink a lot. The other thing that happens is when I make my exchange here, as you can see my hands going into the glove this way, I don’t have anything behind it. I have a better chance at a bobble coming out of there. That’s why, when I make this exchange, I want the glove turned towards me. I got something behind it. I can grip this ball. I want to grab a four seam grip if I have any chance. Not saying you will each time. But if we can, we want a four seam grip right across that horseshoe.

Understand, you will throw balls to second base with a split, sometimes like a change-up. All I can tell you is aim low. When you aim low you always have a chance. The throws up high, he’s always going to be safe. So the next time you’re behind the dish, make that clean exchange. Say hello to the ball. I mean it. Say hello to it. Turn that glove right here. It’s quick. And give yourself a chance. Throw that guy out from behind the dish.


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