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Catch the Ball

Catcher Set Up – Catching the Ball Fundamentals


So my high school coach. He was a large man. About six foot four, six foot five three hundred pounds. Really loud voice. Never cursed, but you always new where he was. That voice was unmistakable. So when I would drop a pitch behind home plate You know it happened once in a while. Not very often, but it would happen. I’d drop a pitch. I would here this voice, “catch the ball“, every time. I would think I was the only one on the field and he would still see it happen. He may of been at home at he saw it happen.

So as a point of pride as a catcher, the rest of my career, I always made sure I caught the ball. It bothers me when I watch games and I see catchers dropping the ball and not taking pride in making that pitch look good. That’s our job. Well just think about it. What’s the name of our position? That’s right were catcher’s. We catch the ball. So how do we do it?

Here’s what I want you to do. Take your glove off. That’s right squat with me. Take your glove off. See how my hand makes a V right here? We want this V to the sky. Our thumb should be pointed somewhere between two o’clock and three o’clock. We don’t want our thumb going down. Once our thumb goes down, our elbow goes up. What happens here is now we have a whole half turn to get to this pitch. Let me show you. My thumb right now is pointed down. This may look like a target you’d give. But now if the pitch is over here, I got a half turn to get there. When we have a V to the sky, my gloves here. I have a quarter turn to this pitch and a quarter turn to this pitch. It makes it much easier for us. When our thumb is pointed down, we have a tendency to catch pitches coming this way, as there moving in. This looks bad and anybody that’s ever done it, realizes this hurts our thumb.

So we want to make sure we give that low target. Our V is pointed up here to the sky. Give that pitcher something to look at. That’s it. Work that glove around. We want to make sure he has the best chance to succeed. That’s our job. When were catching, were making that pitcher look good. That’s our job. Make him look good. So the next time your giving that target. So keep that V to the sky the next time your behind the dish.


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