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Catcher Stance – Giving Baseball Signs

Giving Baseball Signs to the Pitcher


Giving Baseball Signs To The PitcherAll sports have they’re different stances. Golfers stand over the ball like this. Tennis player kind of bend they’re knees in an athletic stance. Football players, the quarterback’s under center in his own little special stance, lineman even get down to a three point stance. Baseball players tend to stay in an athletic stance with their glove out in front of them, but catcher’s, us catcher’s, we get stances all our own. In fact we have three different stances.


Today’s lesson, we’re going to talk about our catchers stance to give signs. What we want to do, we come down, we’re on our toes, we’re set up high, our chest is up. By bringing our heels apart, it brings our knees together. Our knees keep our third base coach and first base coach from seeing our signs, because our signs are for our team, not for everybody else. Our glove is going to cover our left knee. So we’re here, this blocks the third base coach, our knee blocks the first base coach. The only people we want to know what we’re throwing, is the pitcher and our middle infielders out there.


So our sign’s going to be up against our cup. We’re going to be directly down with our signs. We don’t want them forward, we don’t want them backward, we don’t want them too low. We want our pitcher to see them. We want our middle infielders to see them. We don’t want everybody in the stands to know what’s coming. It’s for our knowledge, not there’s. We’re trying to get them out, just like they’re trying to do to us. So next time you’re behind the plate, close up your knees, hold that sign right up here and have a great game.


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