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Baseball Hitting Stance – Rhythm

Hitting Stance Rhythm


So I’m not much of a dancer. I don’t know maybe you are, but I’m not, because you’ve got to have a little hitting stance rhythm. But rhythm and dancing is different than rhythm and hitting. Rhythm and hitting is necessary. Lack of rhythm at the plate causes stiffness, causes tension. We need to be comfortable and loose at the plate. Let me explain.

In this segment we’re going to talk about rhythm. There’s a lot of different rhythms. If you focus on my hands right now, you can see how there just slightly moving around. Some guys like to have rhythm with they’re legs swaying back and forth just gently. We don’t want big movements. This is where we want to avoid extremes. There’s a lot of different ways. Some hitters like to wiggle their fingers. Some hitters like to tap their front toe. They get in this position. This is their rhythm. The rhythm is how the hitter relaxes his body. He wants to stay loose. If he just stands there like this, yeah just standing there just totally still, tension comes into his stance, tension comes into his swing. He’s not as comfortable. He’s not as loose and his body can’t function the way it needs to.

So when you get in the box, you want to have something that keeps you loose. This is your rhythm. I’m nice and loose. Now avoid having too many types of rhythms going on at the same time. That can lead to problems also. You get too big of a sway going back and forth, your hands start going up and down, now I have too many things that can go wrong. Remember that pitcher’s trying to get you out. You’re not quite sure always how he’s going to deliver the ball. Whether he’ll slide step and be quick to you or go with a high leg kick and take his time. So this is just a way to relax ourselves. Nice and smooth. We need to be comfortable. We need to be loose. This is how we keep ourselves loose is with our rhythm.

Now rhythm also takes place in our load and through our swing. You take a look at this and see which one makes more sense, this, or nice and rhythmic as I get ready? When we do it nice and smooth, we’re very rhythmic. We give our self a chance to be under control. When we rush things and we lose our rhythm, we run into trouble as a hitter. Rhythm is a major part of hitting. It’s often over looked, so often mechanics are just taught. We need to have rhythm. We need to be loose.

So the next time you get in the box, go ahead find your rhythm, figure out what it is you do. Maybe you’re a booty shaker. Whatever it is, find your rhythm, just not too many of them. Relax, that way your body can work, and have a great game.

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