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Batting Stance and Your Head Placement

Hitting Stance Head Placement


Like we talked about in the previous segment, a lot takes place up here in our head, a lot of things that can screw us up at the plate. We’re not going to talk about that in this segment. We’re going to talk about is the batting stance and our head placement. The spot where our head is can affect a lot of things. If our head’s tilted, that’s going to lead to problems. If we’re closed off too far and I’m only using one eye, that’s going to cause problems.

So use this as a guide. You want to have your head turned all the way around so we have two eyes level on the pitcher. My head is square in this position. It’s not tilted over. It’s not turned this way. We want to use two eyes. Have two eyes facing that pitcher out there. My chin is up. I’m nice and square in this position. This is going to give me the best chance to read that pitch coming into me. When I get turned sideways, this leads to other problems.

Let me show you. Our head is basically like the top of the axis. Whatever our head does, the body’s going to follow around it. My head starts to turn. I’m now going to follow around this way. You can see how I’ve now lost the angle of my bat. When I only have one eye on the pitcher, it’s always going to be more difficult. If my eyes are sideways looking out at the pitch, it’s going to be more difficult. This game’s tough. We all know how difficult it is. We need to be in a position where we have the best chance to succeed.

So we want to actually use our eyes, and both of them. So from here, my head’s square, I’m looking directly out at the pitcher. My chin’s up. It’s nice and level right there, not tilted. Remember, this head starts to tilt, It’s going to affect how everything rotates around it. There’s no way we can come down on a ball when our head’s turned sideways. It’s always going to be in this motion. You can see the difference when my head’s turned square, how I can immediately rotate down through the ball.

So the next time you get in the box, this is such a simple fix. Check your head, make sure it’s up. Make sure your looking square at the pitcher. Yeah, make sure you can see that ball. That way we can make sure we drive it, and have a great game.

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