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Batting Stances In Baseball

Baseball Hitting Stance – Where to Put the Body


My teammate with the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Milwaukee Brewers, Craig Council, used to have one of the strangest stances. Guess he’s changed it now, but he used to stand up there, his hands pointed so high. He was standing as straight up as he could and then he’d come down, and then he’d go back up. They were all reminders for him. They’d remind him different things. Keep his hands up, be flexed, who knows. He was doing so many things up there it was so confusing and if you asked him, he’d be the first to tell you, it was exhausting.

So when we want to choose a stance. When were in the box we want to find batting stances in baseball that are comfortable. We’ve talked about where we should be in the box, but where should our body be. We’re not going to talk about the head and our hands in this segment. We’re going to talk about our body. We want to start off with an athletic position. Well what’s an athletic position? Use this as a guide. When you get in your stance, are your knee’s flexed? Could you jump from this position or would your knees have to bend more to jump. So get in an athletic stance and jump.

Now where you find yourself now is going to be your athletic stance. We need to have a little flex in our knees. We don’t need to be down here and we don’t want to be standing straight up tall. We want to have a little flex in our knees. We also want to make sure our front shoulder, our chest, our knees and our feet are all square to home plate. We don’t want to be turned too far this way. We don’t want to be closed off too far this way. We want to basically be square. We have this line right here. We want to basically follow this line with our chest, our knees, our feet. From this position, we’re going to give ourselves the best chance to succeed.

Be careful with your chest. Leaning over too far is going to change the mechanics of your swing. We want to have our chest basically stacked up underneath us. I’m in a nice strong position right here. My weight is basically distributed 50/50, so half my weight is on both my legs. We want to be somewhere between 50/50 and 60/40, where there’s just a little bit more weight on the back foot. We need to be in a nice comfortable position like this before we get started. We know where we want to be in the box. But we got a good stance. We need to have a firm base under us.

Also, make sure we always want to keep the weight on the inside part of our feet. We don’t want weight on the outside part of our feet. That’s going to cause problems. It’s going to cause tipping over, so keep the weight on the inside balls of our feet. Spread those feet out a little bit. Nice firm foundation. We always need a strong foundation. We’re balanced, our chest is stacked, our legs are under us, were comfortable. So the next time you get in the box, get a good stance, get an athletic position. Be comfortable up there. We’re hitters, we’re about to go to war, and have a great game.

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