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Hitting the Breaking Ball – Angled Front Toss Drill

Hitting the Breaking Ball – Angled Front Toss Drill



One of the hardest things as a hitter, we try to do is hit a breaking ball.  A Curve Ball, a Slider – it really doesn’t matter.  We try to time ourself with a fastball, but that timing is off if we get a pitch that is going away from you or cutting across you.  I have a drill that is going to help you with that to make you a more complete hitter.  You can see I have Coach Casey over here, and I have the L screen set.  It is offset.  He is actually going to be throwing from behind me.  The ball is going to be coming across my chest.  This is going to simulate a ball coming across like a breaking ball.  It is incredibly important for me to keep my front shoulder here and drive down through my back leg, in a good power position.

I’m set up through the pitchers mound.  Not set up to Coach Casey.  I will bring my eyes over to him but I will not set up towards him.  It is going to come across and I’m going to drive down.

The goal of this is for the balls to go toward center, or up the middle.  What I don’t want to do is hit balls out to left, getting out in front.  I need to let the ball get to me.  Don’t be shocked if you miss hitting the ball a few times.  It will get easier.  It will help make you a breaking ball hitter.  Most importantly it will help make you an all around hitter.

We want to make sure we keep the weight backand let the hands work.

What I want to do is get the bat behind the ball and drive.

If I hit out here, I’m going to miss the ball.  If my back shoulder collapses, I’m going to miss the ball.

Let me say it again.  It is not an easy drill.  We’ve got to let the ball almost get to home plate and I have come down.  If this shoulder leads, I am in trouble.

So what we want to do is make sure we get back behind the ball.  Set up to the pitcher always.  Now let the ball travel across us.  Focus on back knee driving down.  Shoulder staying here.  I need to really be able to use my top hand coming down on the ball.  I want line drives to right, right center, or center field.  Use this drill.  It’s going to make you a more complete batter and make you a better breaking ball hitter.

Have fun, enjoy the game.  Don’t get frustrated with this drill because it is difficult.  Use this drill, the front toss angle drill!

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