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Proper Baseball Bat Grip


Your Bat Grip – What You Need to Know


So we’ve made our selection on a bat. Now how do we hold our weapon? To some of you this may seem a bit remedial at first but it is very important. Let’s start at the basics for a proper baseball bat grip. First off we got our weapon. If you’re a right handed hitter, our left hand’s always going to be at the bottom, our right hand’s always going to be at the top. If you’re left handed, well it will be vice versa. Our right hand will be at the bottom and left hand will be at the top.

Once we have it in our hands and we have our hands in the right position, we always want to make sure there’s not a gap in between our hands. Also, we want to make sure that we hold the bat in the callous part of our hands. We want it laying right along here, we want it to feel in our fingers. We don’t want it deep inside our hands. They call that choking the bat. We want to have it right in the callous part of our hands. You can see on my hands right here. My knuckles are almost lined up. I basically like for the top of my knuckles to be going right through the middle. This gives your hands a nice feel. Let’s you control the barrel of the bat which is very important, that we can control this thing.

Be careful not to choke the bat, to get our hands too wrapped around it like this. You can see what happens to my elbows. They come up. As soon as my hands turn this way, my elbows come up. As soon as my hands turn back and my knuckles start to align, my elbows automatically go down. This is going to give us a much better chance to take a consistent swing. When I’m in this position, it’s tough for me to get through. I want to have my hands nice and loose. Nice and relaxed on the bat. I promise you, when we get to contact, our hands are going to get tight. But we want to keep them as loose as we can at this position.

The tighter we grip our hands, the slower our bat’s going to come through the zone. We need to be loose. We need to relax. We’re playing a game. Enjoy it. So have your hands loose. You got your weapon in your hands. Get the right grip. Get a hold of that bat. You’re going to use this thing in battle. So the next time you get in the box, take a good grip, line up those knuckles and have a great game.

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