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Youth Baseball Bats

Choosing The Right Baseball Bat for You!


So have you ever thought about it? Does the bat really matter? Does the length, the size, the color, does it really matter in the success of the hitter? The answer to all those is yes. They all can matter. Yes the size can matter. Yes the length will matter. And sometimes, for some hitters, the color will matter also. That’s right the color will matter. When we’re looking down at this bat, we got to make sure we’re confident in it.

So in this lesson we’re going to talk about choosing the right youth baseball bat. We want to make sure that we choose a good weapon because this is our weapon as a hitter. This is what we have when we go to battle and that’s what it is each time we step in the box. We’re in a battle with that pitcher. When we step in the box it’s not against the other team, it’ against that pitcher and this is our weapon. So when we choose a bat, there’s a lot of bats out there. We need to feel confident in this bat. We need to be sure that this bat is right for us.

Now how do you choose one? Well on my website I got a few different charts that will give you a general distance that you want to choose based on your height, your weight, your size, your age. But we need to be confident in this. So we need to make sure that it’s the right length for us. That it’s not too short. That it’s not too long. How do we choose that? Well we want to swing something as long as we can control. The longer the bat, physics tells us, with that same bat speed maintained, the ball will go further.

So we want to make sure that we have something that’s long enough for us, yet we can maintain bat speed. This is going to be determined based on your size, your age, your weight, what you can handle at the plate. This is going to be different for each of you. Also, make sure you check before you go out and get one. These things can be expensive sometimes. You want to choose one that’s going to be ok with your league. Bats are changing a lot right now because of rules. There always trying to protect the kids on the field.

So make sure you check the league rules before you go out and make an investment in a bat because it will matter. And yes I did say that the length and the size, does matter, and like I said the color can. Because if you look down at a bat and you’re not confident, well you have less chance to succeed. I played with a lot of teammates that would only swing black bats. I liked the traditional colored bat. Sometimes I would swing a black bat. Little side note. I have been told by umpires, they have a tougher time seeing a black bat on a check swing. Just a little something for you to remember.

But when you choose your weapon, test-drive them. Swing some of your teammate’s bats. Find one that fits right for you. We need to make sure we can maintain bat speed. That we can still cover the inside pitch, that it’s not too long. We don’t want something too short where we can’t get to an outside pitch. So test-drive other teammate’s bats. Make a good selection. This is your weapon you’re going to battle with. The next time you get in the box, take your weapon, trust it and have a great game.

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