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Baseball Catchers Blocking Drill – Knee Drill

Baseball Catching Blocking Drills


            One of the key fundamentals of being a catcher is blocking the ball.  We need to make sure we are in a good position so that we are able to keep the ball in front.  This helps set up double plays.  It keeps the runner from scoring on balls in the dirt.  It gives our pitcher more confidence.

            When I do blocking drills, I like to take them apart; shorten what needs to be done by the catcher so he can build muscle memory of what needs to be done.  I want catchers to just focus on one or two things.  Let me show you.  Right now I am going to get ready.  Casey is going to throw balls at me.  And what I am going to do is just put the glove between my legs.  My bare hand, thumb tucked in behind my glove.

            The focus for this drill is to stay right here and my chin is going to go down.  That is all I do on this drill.

As you can see, all I am doing is staying right there.  My arms aren’t moving.  My glove is filling the hole between my legs.

            There is a next step to this drill.  Let me show you.  What I am going to do is give a target now.  Bare hand is going to be behind the glove.  Thumb still tucked in.  That’s how we protect from getting broken fingers.

            So we are going to focus on glove down, bare hand behind glove, chin to my chest.  Just like that.

            You can see, all I’m doing is coming from here and going down.  The mistake that is going to be made is that most catchers at first will go with their bare hand on the outside.  You can obviously see why this is going to be a problem.

           For these drills I use T-balls.  They bounce a little higher, but you get the same feel.  You get the same work without all the bruises.  Just make sure that it is bare hand behind the glove and down.  Here and down.  It is so important that my chin makes it to my chest.  If it doesn’t, we leave our throat exposed, and catchers can really get hurt.

            Use these drills. Become a more efficient blocker.  Build that muscle memory so when it happens we don’t have to think about it; we react.  Use this drill and become a better catcher.

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