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Basic Baseball Hitting Tee Drills

Baseball Tee Drills Instruction with Chad Moeller


So I got a tip for you. Maybe some of you out there have trouble dropping your hands, maybe even upper cutting at the ball. I got a basic baseball tee drills that’ll help you out. It takes place off a tee. What I want to do is start with a high tee. When I have the ball up high, an uppercut’s not going to work. You can do this drill repeatedly. But what it’s going to force you to do is stay on top of the ball, here. You have a problem dropping your hands and trying to swing this way, you can see I’m going to have trouble getting on top of this ball.

What you want to do, put the tee up high and work on hitting line drives of ground balls. From this point, I want to come down on the ball. It’s going to drill your back leg working. It’s going to work on your hands staying above the ball. This is going to need to happen over and over for you to get used to not doing this. But we want to stay up top and come down. I think that will help you.

Do this drill a lot. Remember, hitting’s muscle memory. The more often you can do it, the more you’ll get used to it. We can get rid of that dropping of the hands or that uppercut. So get in a good stance and work down over the top of the ball. So use this high tee drill to help get rid of an uppercut or dropping the hands. It will help you out immensely. It helped me. Use this drill and have a great game.


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