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How to Hit a Baseball Drills

Baseball Hitting Drills Using the Net or Fence


Hey guys, I got another tip for you. This is one of my favorite how to hit a baseball hitting drills called the fence drill. This drill saved a season for me, both off the tee and when somebody was actually throwing balls to me underhand from the front, obviously behind an L screen or some type of protective device. But we stand here at this distance from the net. So my bat is at my navel right here. This is the distance I want to be from the net. This is basically punishment if we dive too much or we over rotate and come in. We’re going to hit the net. This is going to force us to stay square. This is going to force us to let a ball get deep if it’s moving.

Like this off the tee right now, I would set up in this position and now I have to stay square to get through the ball. You can see I need to keep my hands tight otherwise I’m going to hit the fence. We need to find this distance right here and now I come down through the ball. The fence is going to deter us from reaching out too far with our hands, from diving too much.

If you have a problem rotating your shoulders, now when we come out I’m going to run into this fence. It’s kind of like punishment. It doesn’t hurt, but it lets us know, it’s automatically going to keep our hands. I set up in this position, now I come right to the ball. See how tight I was able to stay. Yes we may drag along the fence a little bit, but it’s going to keep us short.

So if you have a problem diving too much, over rotating, just not staying overly balanced, use this drill. It’s going to force your backside to get through. It will help you out. It’s called the fence drill. It will help you have a great game.


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