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How to Throw a Baseball Drills

Baseball Throwing Drills Using a Net or Fence


Hey guys, I got a throwing tip for you guys and you don’t have to be a catcher. This can be for pitchers. This can be for position players. This is just a general mechanic. We want to work on keeping our hand on top. We’re going to use this fence, much like we did it for hitting, where we used a fence in our drills. We want to use this fence to keep us on top of the ball. This is one of my favorite how to throw a baseball drills.

Come along the fence this way. Now get in position to throw. This would be the catcher’s stance, but from here, I’m going to come down and release forward. You can easily see what’s going to happen. If my hand starts to come out to the side, I’m going to hit the fence. Number one, it will hurt a little bit. It’s kind of like punishment if you don’t do it right. But your body knows it’s there. It’s going to find a way to stay on top and come through.

A lot of throwing problems are initiated somewhere else. There’s a root problem. A lot of the time it’s the front arm of the guy throwing. They don’t get in a strong position here where they can pull down along their side. They end up leaving it open and pulling this way. What we do is we turn around in the opposite direction. This can be done in a cage. It can be done on a chain link fence. But we come along the fence the other way and now from here, I’m in a good strong position. I’m going to pull down and if I come this way with my front elbow, it’s going to pull down along the side. If I pull out to the side this way, I’m going to run into the fence.

That’s going to cause problems. You’re trying to stay on top while you’re throwing, but you’re not going to be able to do it if you’re pulling this way. You can see how immediately, one affects the other. You need to be in a position like this, so we can pull down straight and extend through the ball. Use this tip, it helped me. It helped me fix my mechanics. I hope it helps you too, and have a great game.


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